Man diagnosed with NCP make custom rubber braceletswas asymptomatic

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Huoshenshan Hospital, a makeshift hospital built to treat patients infected with the novel coronavirus in Wuhan, receives its first group of critically patients, Feb 9, 2020. [Photo/People"s Daily]

A 60-year-old man in Changyuan city, Central China"s Henan province, was confirmed as having an asymptomatic case of novel coronavirus pneumonia on Sunday, according to the NCP Prevention and Control Headquarters of Changyuan, Henan.

The man, surnamed Wang, in Changyuan, is the second son of Tao, the fifth confirmed case in the city.

On Jan 25, Wang held a gathering with eight family members, including Tao.

The next day, Wang met his niece at home. On Jan 27, Wang and his wife went to his elder brother"s home to visit Tao and had lunch with 12 family members.

Wang stayed at home without going outside from Jan 28 to Friday.

Local disease control authorities collected samples from Wang for further inspection the same day after Tao was confirmed with NCP on Saturday. He was later confirmed as an asymptomatic case of NCP, as he has no symptoms, like fever or cough, for 17 days.

Currently, Wang is isolated and under medical treatment in Changyuan People"s Hospital.

In Southwest China"s Guizhou province, over 10 people who had no symptoms tested positive for NCP, according to Guizhou Provincial Center of Disease Control and Prevention.

Disease control authorities in Guizhou completed nucleic acid tests on 37,000 people, of whom 60 tested positive, said Zhang Yuqiong, director of Guizhou Provincial Center of Disease Control and Prevention.

Among the 60 people, more than 10 showed no symptoms, adding greater pressure to the prevention and control work, Zhang said.

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