China seizcolor coded wristbandses 89 tonnes of drugs in 2017

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BEIJING - China seized 89.2 tonnes of drugs and solved 140,000 drug-related cases during 2017, according to the China National Narcotics Control Commission (CNNCC).

Over 5,500 drug production and trafficking gangs were busted, with 169,000 suspects arrested, the CNNCC said on Monday.

A report on China"s drug control situation was issued by the CNNCC Monday. The report said that there were 2.55 million drug users nationwide at the end of 2017, and more than 1.5 million of them were synthetic drug abusers.

The report also noted that the variability of synthetic drugs has accelerated, and new types of drugs continue to emerge. According to the National Narcotics Laboratory, 34 new types of psychoactive substances were found in 2017, bringing the total number to 230 nationwide.

In regard to overseas drug sources, the report said that China is facing an increased threat of drug inflows from three specific sources, namely the Golden Triangle, the Golden Crescent, and South America.

As to domestic drug manufacturing, it said that drug production activities were migrating to regions with weaker control, due to strengthened drug control measures in Southeast China"s Guangdong and Fujian provinces.

Drug manufacturing activities have already been found in 29 province-level areas, the report said.

Drug trafficking activities have taken advantage of the fast development of the internet and express delivery industries, the report said.

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